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Phoenix Election 2011 Voting Centers / Lugar de Votación (August 30) Mayor and Council Election www.phoenix.gov

Voting Centers

The City of Phoenix will be using voting centers for the first time this election. For Phoenix elections, voters no longer are required to vote at a specified polling place in the precinct where the voter resides. Any City voter can use any one of the 26 voting centers to cast a ballot. For voting convenience, in addition to Election Day, the voting centers will be open on the Saturday and Monday prior to Election Day. This new way of voting is only for elections conducted by the City of Phoenix.

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Overview of Voting Center Concept
On June 2, 2009, the City Council approved a change to the polling place voting process that responds to needs and preferences of Phoenix voters, while enhancing the convenience of casting a ballot at the polls. The plan is to implement Voting Centers in City of Phoenix elections. Under the plan, 26 Voting Centers will replace traditional polling places, making voting more convenient and flexible. The process for early voting by mail will not change.
During the last 17 years, voting at the polls in City of Phoenix elections has steadily declined, while early voting by mail has increased, as shown in the Voting Trends Chart below.

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